Combining our love for the great outdoors with our passion to help people.

Let's go hike

Hike to help is our way of bringing our friends and family together, in a beautiful outdoor setting, to raise funds for our community with an emphasis on children's charities. Join us and help make an impact in a child's life. 


Get Involved

If you are looking for an opportunity to "Hike to Help"  check out our Instagram for upcoming events. You can also send us an email for questions and inquiries about hosting your own hike in your local area. Gather your friends and family, and maybe your work team, head to the mountains and help bring awareness/funds for the betterment of children. 

> Send us an email: @giveintonature@gmail or send us a direct message through instagram: @giveintonature 

Volunteer opportunities

If you have fresh ideas or a skillset that could help Give into Nature, we want to hear from you!



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We are a group of friends who have the urge to do more for our community and to collaborate with others around the world to make a difference. We want to connect our love for nature with charitable causes that impact children. We believe that children are the future and they deserve the chance to learn and interact with the natural environment as we did when we were young. During the past decade or so, we have encountered various examples of a decline in children’s health, participation in physical activities and overall connection with nature.

In an effort to help change this, we started Hike to Help. Our Hike to Help events serve two purposes. The first is to build a diverse community of kind-hearted people (All ages) that will come together to explore and connect with their local hiking and outdoor sports areas. The second goal is to unite this community in an effort to impact a charitable cause that involves the betterment of children.

During the Spring of 2015, we became aware of a nonprofit organization that rescues children from slavery, called Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). As we learned more about their missions and the horrible circumstances that children all around the world face, we were moved to participate in a campaign to help. Organizing our close friends and family, and calling out to our local community, we began fundraising for O.U.R. through hiking events in Southern California.

We are incredibly grateful to all of the volunteers and participants that have helped our efforts to save children. As we have made a continued effort in growing the participation of our local community we have connected with amazing individuals who motivate us to do more. We are also excited about extending the opportunity for friends from all over the globe to help host a hike in their local outdoor area. We currently have hosts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah and Virginia. We hope to continue building this outreach, and encourage you to join Hike to Help.

Operation Underground Railroad saves children from sex trafficking. To find out more about their mission check their website:

Operation Underground Railroad saves children from sex trafficking. To find out more about their mission check their website: